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Pet Nooks for Pet-Friendly Kitchens

A kitchen is often the place in one’s home where everyone congregates. It’s a place of eating, laughing and socializing with the ones we love. And when designing a kitchen layout, our Omaha kitchen designers take into consideration the needs and desires of your family – including pets.

Pets have a special place in the home, and deserve to eat and be comfortable amongstheir family. This includes a place in the kitchen. Our kitchen cabinet designers can include a pet nook that fits perfectly into your kitchen cabinet layout. Options for a pet feeding nook are customizable – from extending a kitchen counter, to shortening a kitchen cabinet, to building it into an island – meeting the needs of your pets. Special considerations can also be taken for pet food storage, with easy access near a pet feeding nook.

Whether small, large, young, old, cat or dog, our Omaha kitchen designers are happy to work toward the comfort and inclusion of your pets. Come visit our Omaha kitchen cabinet showroom and meet any of our designers, who would love to help design your dream kitchen!