Stock Countertops

Stock Countertops

Have you decided to remodel your kitchen, or upgrade your countertops? It’s one of the biggest returns on any type of home remodel project. We offer a large selection of options and designs for granite, solid surface, and laminate countertops. We stock eight preformed countertop colors. All countertops come with a built in backsplash. Once your counters are set we’ll get measurements for your custom countertops.


We stock 8 preformed countertop colors.
Below are images and prices for each color:



Elemental Stone: $13.00 per linear foot

Mineral Jet: $13.00 per linear foot

Mocha Travertine: $13.00 per linear foot

Benjamin Grey: $18.00 per linear foot


Argento Romano: $18.00 per linear foot


Jamocha Granite: $13.00 per linear foot

Madura Garnet: $18.00 per linear foot

Calcutta Marble: $18.00 per linear foot