Susan S.

I had a timetable and a budget, and a firm idea of what I wanted. I shopped for cabinets at the big box stores first; I thought I would save money. But I found out they didn’t have better prices, their web design program never worked, and they said the word “can’t” way too much. Can’t have different tops than bottoms. Can’t have Euro flat fronts. Can’t have that color. Can’t combine brands. I was pretty discouraged at what was available compared to the new kinds of designs I had seen online. Then I stopped at CFO. I was greeted as soon as I came in. I described what I was looking for and introduced to a designer within minutes. She walked me straight over to some samples of exactly what I was looking for. We scheduled an appointment to draw my kitchen and that was the start of a great relationship. I was given instructions on each next step the whole way. My designer listened to me and never once said “can’t.” She let me take samples home, answered every question (and I had a lot!), and she made great suggestions that really improved the functionality. I knew what I wanted from an appearance standpoint, and she knew how to put it together and made it real. You CAN have what you want. Really! CFO has my highest recommendation.

Lead Time Notice

Cabinet Factory Outlet, Plus has always been committed to bringing our customers quality product at a reasonable price, as well as excellency in customer service. We aim to always be transparent with our customers, which is why we’d like to acknowledge the supply chain challenges our industry is currently experiencing: The high demand for product has been met with significant supply shortages nationwide, as well as transportation delays and significant labor issues. All of this has resulted in longer lead times.

We continue to keep all information to our customers current and honest. Please check with one of our sales associates for the most current lead time information. We would like to thank all involved, from source providers to our greatly appreciated customers, for your patience, understanding, and continued support during this time and into the future.