Which Cabinet Door Style is Right for You?

Shopping for cabinets can be tough. There are so many variables that go into it. Color, construction, wood species are all part of the assignment. On top of that you’re faced with what kind of cabinet door style you’d like. Different styles of cabinet doors can make or break a room. Here we’ll break down some of the most popular kinds of door styles and what kind of vibe they convey.

Inset shaker door

Inset shaker door


Shaker has been a popular option for homeowners for quite sometime now. This is likely due to the fact that shaker doors are just so timeless. They have minimal features so they won’t age badly. The construction is simple with a center panel being framed by simple rails and styles. We conveniently stock three colors of shaker cabinets that are ready to go home with you today.


Slab doors, while being incredibly simple really are kind of a statement. They are just what the name suggest, a flat slab. This door style screams modern design and they don’t really work in any other setting.


Mullion doors are probably the most eye catching of all cabinet door styles. They come in all shapes and styles. Mullion doors feature glass panels between a wood divider. Allowing you to see what’s behind the cabinet door. This gives a really sophisticated and decorative look.

Raised panel cabinets

Contemporary kitchen with raised panel cabinet doors

Raised panel

Raised panel doors offer more of a traditional look. While some may say they look dated, finding the right raised panel can really give a kitchen or bathroom that upscale sophisticated look.

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