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Top 10 Reason to Choose VT Dimensions Laminate Countertops

  1. The look. From Bold dramatic patterns to calming subdued patterns the newest looks from Formica or Wilsonart use digital printing to give the rich look for stone and wood.
  2. The feel of it. The warm friendly feel to the touch is part of every laminate top, unlike stone tops that are cool to the touch and pull the heat out of your plates when in contact to them. They also pull your body heat when you’re in contact with them.
  3. Your homes health. VT dimensions tops are green guard certified. This means they’re specially sealed to make sure they aren’t giving off residual gases unlike stone tops.
  4. Save the mountains!  We are not making more mountains! Granite is excavated and turned into the slabs we see, or in the case of quartz it is ground up and reformed into the slabs that are cut for your countertop. Normally these are shipped from India, Brazil, China, South Korea, the Middle East, or Spain. The logistics of buying stone add to the carbon footprint.
  5. Easy to care for. Just wipe them down with damp cloth for daily cleaning. One smooth surface with the only seam usually being in the corner.
  6. Natural lightweight material. Compared to stone tops dimension tops weight a fraction of the weight, yet perform well.
  7. Cost effective, VT dimension tops from VT cost much less then stone or quartz tops and while they are not going to last 10,000 years as the granite tops do, they will perform well for years.
  8. Adding to the point above, when your top starts look dated it’s much easier and cheaper to remove it and update it.
  9. Easy to modify, while we will fabricate your top to your size it’s possible to work on other cuts (like a sink cut) at home. Standard carpenter tools and a little time are all that is needed.
  10. Speed. We have some of the most popular finishes in stock for faster service. Our normal lead time is 7 days on stock countertops.

COVID-19 Changes to Operations:

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We apologize for any inconvenience. Like the rest of the world we are adapting to the situation as we see fit. We are taking these measures to protect not only our staff, but our valued customers as well.