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Granite Countertops Offer Durability and Beauty

When thinking through a kitchen remodel or overall kitchen design, kitchen cabinets and kitchen countertops are among the important decisions. Cabinets and countertops help set the tone for color and atmosphere in a kitchen, but they also provide function. Countertops – in particular – provide function and beauty in both material and space. 

At Cabinet Factory Outlet Plus, we provide Omaha homeowners with a variety of countertop options. Among our favorite countertop material is granite. Granite countertops are a beautiful addition to almost any kitchen. Its benefits include a lasting value, that doesn’t deprecate. The natural surface is almost luminous and is extremely unique. A granite countertop can take the heat of a pan off the stove, is sanitary and is easy to clean with warm water and a mild soap.

Working with our Omaha kitchen designers is important when planning for a granite countertop. Due to granite’s heavy weight and intensive installation requirements overall kitchen design is critical to plan. From kitchen cabinets to kitchen layout, our Omaha kitchen designers can assist with the entire kitchen design, planning an ideal space for granite countertops.

Paying for your Kitchen Remodel

According to the national average cost of a kitchen remodel is $21,658. With this in mind you could shoot for above or below that price. Here’s a guide to paying for your remodel and what to expect with your budget. Many people under estimate the cost of a remodel. Kitchen cabinets are only approximately 30% of the total cost for a kitchen remodel. Other costs can include: design fees, install, lighting, countertops, appliances, flooring, walls, ceilings, and plumbing. For lower cost kitchens here are a few tips for keeping your costs down.

  • Re-use your appliances.
  • Save on design fees by utilizing our totally free kitchen design service.
  • Switch out granite or quartz for a laminate top
  • Pick something that works with your existing layout and flooring.
  • If possible, complete the project in phases

Unavoidable expenses would mostly be those of the cabinets, which can vary in price. Also, the cost of installing them is usually an expense you don’t want to skip out on. Installing your own kitchen cabinets can be risky or hiring a low cost contractor can lead to less than desirable results. The average cost for a good contractor can be up to $60 an hour. For your Omaha kitchen remodel we have a list of contractors we can refer you to and find one that’s appropriate for your budget.

Above all, it’s important when going into a project this big that you have an extra few thousand dollars for security. Projects of this scale have a lot of components and it’s not uncommon to tear things apart and need to update some of the bones of the house. Planning an exact number for a kitchen remodel is unrealistic in itself so give yourself a window of a few thousand dollars. 

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