Corner Sinks for Saving Kitchen Space

At Cabinet Factory Outlet Plus in Omaha, we do more than kitchen cabinets. In fact, we can help provide the cabinets, countertops, sink and hardware to get you your dream kitchen. Our staff is also not only knowledgeable about our quality products, but are experts in the field of design. Designing your home’s kitchen for beauty and function is what we’re here to do.

One key component for kitchen design function is the placement of the sink. Your sink location depends on the placement of the kitchen cabinets, fridge and stove range, sink placement is between the fridge and the range. But often in smaller kitchen spaces, this isn’t ideal for maximizing space. When there is limited kitchen counter space in your Omaha home, our kitchen designers often place the sink in a corner. Corner sinks fill less useful corner kitchen countertop space with a useful function.

Incorrect planning of your kitchen layout will reduce the effectiveness of kitchen design. The decision for a corner sink should be taken at the design stage so that the right calculations are made. The sink is the place where most of the kitchen activities take place – from washing hands to food preparation – it’s critical to design it’s placement must be appropriate.

Allow our experts to assist in selecting kitchen cabinets, countertops and hardware, and consider our advice on kitchen design. Our education is pertinent to the success of your design, keeping in mind proper clearances and function. Getting the most out of your investment includes quality products and service, so let our Omaha kitchen design experts help with your dream kitchen.

Lead Time Notice

Cabinet Factory Outlet, Plus has always been committed to bringing our customers quality product at a reasonable price, as well as excellency in customer service. We aim to always be transparent with our customers, which is why we’d like to acknowledge the supply chain challenges our industry is currently experiencing: The high demand for product has been met with significant supply shortages nationwide, as well as transportation delays and significant labor issues. All of this has resulted in longer lead times.

We continue to keep all information to our customers current and honest. Please check with one of our sales associates for the most current lead time information. We would like to thank all involved, from source providers to our greatly appreciated customers, for your patience, understanding, and continued support during this time and into the future.